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Name: Minot's Ledge Light   Map it!

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Also known as: Minot Ledge Light

Also known as: Minot's Light

Nearest Town or City:
Cohasset, Scituate, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Cohasset Rocks, south of Boston Harbor entrance.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
Privately owned.

Minot's Ledge Light is known as the "I Love You" Light because of its 1-4-3 flash. The present tower is comsidered one of the top 10 engineering feats of the U.S. Lighthouse Service, and it is an American Society of Civil Engineering Landmark. It was considered a difficult and dangerous location for keepers; waves sometimes sweep over the top of the tower. In 2014 The lighthouse was sold at auction to Bobby Sager for $222,000.

Tower Height: 114

Height of Focal Plane: 85

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white, 1-4-3 sequence.

Description of Tower: Conical granite tower with green cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?

Earlier Towers?
1850: Iron pile structure with wooden keeper's quarters in tower, destroyed by storm in April 1851. A lightship was near the site from 1851 to 1860.

Date Established: 1850 (1/1/1850)

Date Present Tower Built: 1860

Date Automated: 1947

Optics: 1860: Second order Fresnel lens (removed 1947); Third order Fresnel lens 1964-1971; now 300mm, solar powered. The Fresnel lens is now on display inside a replica of the lantern at Government Island in Cohasset.

Fog Signal: 1850: 640 pound fog bell; later horn. Now automatic fog horn with one blast every 10 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

There is a replica of the lantern room, with a third order Fresnel lens used in the lighthouse inside, at Government Island in Cohasset. There is also a memorial at the site to the two assistant keepers who died in 1851 when the first lighthouse was destroyed. Government Island is also the site of the onshore keeper's house built in 1858, now used for meetings. Call (781) 383-0505 for information. The Cohasset Maritime Museum at 4 Elm Street has exhibits on the lighthouse; call (781) 383-6930 for information. The museum is open in summer, Tuesday through Sunday, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm. The museum is free; donations are welcomed.

Minot's Ledge Light can be seen from various locations in Hull (including Nantasket Beach), Scituate and Cohasset. A good but fairly distant view is possible from Sandy Beach on Atlantic Avenue in Cohasset.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Isaac Dunham (1849-1850); Isaac A. Dunham (asst., 1850); John Bennett (1850-1851); Joseph Wilson (asst., 1850-1851); Joseph Antoine (asst., 1850-1851); Joshua Wilder (1860-1861); T. W. Ryder (asst., 1860); W. H. Sylvester (asst., 1861-1863); A. W. Williams (asst., 1860-1861); William S. Taylor (asst., 1860-1861); James J. Tower (1861-1874); Thomas Bates II (asst., 1861-1864); James D. Baxter (asst., 1863); Israel Vinal (asst., 1864-1865); Alden Simmons (asst., 1865-1870); John A. Pratt (asst., 1866-1868); Levi L. Creed (asst. 1865-1874, head keeper 1874-1881); Albert H. Burdick (asst., 1870-1877); Wallace Willcutt (asst., 1873-1874?); John G. Hayden (asst., 1874-1877); Thomas J. Sheridan (asst., 1876-1880); Amiel Studley (asst., 1877-?); Joseph B. Vinal (asst., 1877-1881); Charles Davis (asst., 1879-1880); Alonzo Smith (asst., 1880-1881); Joseph A Noble (asst., 1880-1881); Nathan Hendson (?) (asst., 1881); Daniel M. Ryan (asst., 1881-1882); Frank F. Martin (asst. 1881, head keeper1881-1887); Frank W. Thomas (asst., 1881-1883); Lester G. Willett (asst., 1881); Joseph E. Frates (asst.,1882-189?); Joseph Jason, Jr. (asst., 1883); Milton Herbert Reamy (1887-1915); George L. Lyon (asst., 1887-1889); Octavius Reamy (second assistant 1909-1910, first assistant 1910-1915, head keeper 1915-1924); Winfield L. Creed (asst., 1892?-1894); George Holmes (asst., 1892); James Kingsley (asst., 1893-1894); John E. Morrill (asst., 1894); Charles Grey Everett (asst., 1894-1895, second assistant 1905-?); George Jamieson (asst., 1894-1896); Levi B. Clark (second assistant, 1905-1907, first assistant, 1907-?); ? Currier (second assistant ,1910-?); Andrew Tullock (second assistant, 1910-?); Roscoe Lopaus (second assistant, 1896-1905); Pierre Albert Nadeau (assistant, c. 192?-1925); Per S. Tornberg (asst., 1922-1924, keeper 1924-1936); Otis E. Walsh (asst., c. 1930s); Anthony K. Sousa (asst., c. 1930s); George H. Fitzpatrick (asst., 1924-1927, keeper 1936-1940); Julian Hatch (Coast Guard, 1946 - March 1947); BM1 Michael Pratt (Coast Guard circa 1946); George Miller (Coast Guard, circa 1946); ? Roach (Coast Guard, 1947)


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