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Name: Ipswich Rear Range Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Castle Neck, east of entrance to Ipswich River.

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Two range lighthouses were built in 1837-38 at Castle Neck in Ipswich, on the beach now known as Crane Beach, to mark the entrance to Ipswich Harbor. The towers had to be moved nine times in the next four decades as the channel shifted. In 1877 it was reported that the rear tower was badly cracked. In 1881 it was replaced by a white cast iron tower. Also at some point the front range light was replaced by a shanty-like affair. In 1932 the front range light was discontinued and the rear tower was automated. In 1939 the iron lighthouse was moved to Edgartown in Martha's Vineyard to replace an earlier structure that had been badly damaged in the Hurricane of '38. Ipswich Light was replaced by a skeleton tower. After some years of use by town organization and residents, the keeper's house was destroyed by fire.

Tower Height: 45

Description of Tower: White, conical cast iron tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is not operational

Earlier Towers?
1838: Two small range lights.

Date Established: 1838

Tower Moved?
Yes - to Edgartown in 1939.

Date Deactivated: 1939

Keepers: T. S. Greenwood (1838-1841, 1847-1849, and 1853-1861); Joseph Dennis (1841-1843); Ebenezer Pulsifer (1843-1847); John I. Philbrook (1849-1853); Benjamin Ellsworth (1861-1902); Thomas J. Creed (1910-1912); George A. Howard (1912-1916); A. A. Howard (1916-1919); G. F. Woodman Jr. (1919-1922); C. D. Hill (1922-1932); Leroy Lane (?).


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