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Public Support Needed Now

Charity Island, Michigan.

Michigan's United States senators Levin and Stabenow along with Maine’s United State senators Snow and Collins, have introduced the National Lighthouse Stewardship Act of 2009 that would create a three year pilot competitive $20 million grant program to help restore many of America’s endangered lighthouses. This was law was introduced last year but did not pass.

The new bill, just reintroduced has been assigned Senate Bill number s715, which would compliment the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, would allow nonprofits and local government agencies that now own a lighthouse to apply for direct grants to help restore and preserve their respective lighthouses for future generations. Money would be distributed in a weighted ratio to every state that has lighthouses.

Terry Pepper, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keeper’s Association said, "By pulling together, we can raise awareness of support for the passage of this legislation, and help ensure its successful passage."

In conclusion we say, "Lighthouses were built for one purpose only, to save lives, now it's our turn to save the lighthouses." We urge our readers to contact your United States senators and your members of the House of Representatives, in Washington DC and ask them to support and vote for the National Lighthouse Stewardship Act of 2009, Senate Bill number s715.

Please don’t delay and act today. Time is of the essence.

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